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Hospital Dario Contreras inaugura moderna sala de Resonancia

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An experience out of this world

Visiting the lake that became the planet PandoraWe were like blind folded donkeys when we circled around the train station of Graz, these cond largest city of Austria. Abuss hould leave here for Zagreb, capital of Croatia.Wespent two hours running about and asking people,but noone knew where the buss top was. Finally, a young woman pointed…

Paper details how corrupt officials try to evade probe
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Paper details how corrupt officials try to evade probe

A newspaper affiliated to the top anti-graft body on Saturday published a report detailing how corrupt officials tried to outwit graft-busters but still failed in the end. The report cited 11 cases in which corrupt officials fabricated lies, agreed with others not to give away each other, colluded with others to devise a consistent story,…

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